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By guest, Feb 1 2016 03:11PM

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Nov 9 2016 01:26AM by Sheryl

What an exciting day! I got to drive to Winona to meet with a client as we work on her window treatments and paint color selections. It was a great day to drive along the bluffs and marvel at the awesome ness of our area's color palette here along the river. Then I got to join up with Nikki to install a cornice board, drapery panels and 4 door fabric panels. The colors again are what just make it so exciting. We have so many fabric choices for so many projects in so MANY COLORS. You name it, we can find it....just like in nature

Nov 14 2016 05:59PM by Sheryl

Sunshine. Let the sun shine in! That solar passive heat gain is fantastic for the upcoming winter months. I love it when the furnace doesn't have to run until into the evening, and so does Jim (heating bills of course). But then it hits, no more sun! AHHH! the cold. Both Graber and Hunter Douglas honeycombs really help trap in the warmth, and exclude the cold. It is just amazing in the evening when the sun drops, and you drop that celluar shade. The chill is off the glass and not invading the room where you are watching your favorite TV show. Glad I can snuggle up with my favorite evening beverage and not mind the frosty air outside!!

Nov 16 2016 06:14PM by Sheryl

You never quite know what you are going to be in life from day to day. One day is smooth and then you hit some bumps, and another day is just boulders in the road all day. We encounter that in our professional days too. You can go out for a simple repair and end up in a very detailed, TIME DEVOURING process and sometimes it is just the opposite. Everything just falls into place. Today we had a call for a simple 1 window sale and ended up with many complex details to solve on many windows!! Hanging in there through the easy jobs, the small jobs, the tough jobs is what makes us the quality, in it for the long haul company you can count on. We love our clients!

Dec 27 2016 10:45PM by Sheryl

It is the time now after the Christmas parties and celebrations to take down all those decorations...the tree, the lights, the wreaths and banners. I hate this time. It looks so lonely and quiet now in the house. But at our home, we are talking about maybe it is the time to do the new back splash in the kitchen, the new counter top in the bathroom, and other little projects. It is the opportunity to take the time at your home too. Businesses usually have time to spend with you, maybe a little sales or promotion for the slower winter months. How about some stationary drapery panels, freshen up the blinds, even add motorization to them?? It is cold and windy out. You can just stay cozy at home, and we will come out and bring the shopping to you. Even better is that our local company installs everything we sell. You don't even have to bother to find someone else to do the labor. Sound good, OK get out that cup of hot cocoa, or a glass of wine and give us a call at Hidden Valley Designs!!

Jan 3 2017 09:41PM by Sheryl

ERRER. It says my blog didn't post. Another try at it then. It is typical for the first real day back at work since the Christmas break. No more party get-to-gethers with family and friends, hanging out with the grandkids, afternoon movies on the couch with a hot cup of whatever sounded good!!! The phone is ringing, appointments are filling in the calendar and Nikki and I are here to serve! New promos are starting, new samples are arriving. Heh, it's almost like Christmas all over again.

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