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If you’re looking for a trusted team of professionals to help you achieve your dream home, turn to Hidden Valley Designs in Onalaska, Wisconsin!

Our Design Experts

Are you planning to update your home? Our window treatment professionals have you covered. With their skills and knowledge, you can rest assured that your house’s interior design complements everything from paint to furniture.

Nikki Benzing

Meet Nikki Benzing

For more than 15 years now, Nikki Benzing has been a professional partner of many homeowners in choosing the perfect window treatment for their interiors. She is passionate about transforming your home into an attractive living space that reflects your unique personality.

Nikki has a keen eye for design so you can count on her to select window covers with styles and colors perfect for the rooms you wish to decorate. With her expertise and dedication to deliver exceptional results, she can turn your dream interiors into reality.

Nikki lives in the beautiful city of Onalaska with her three boys. When she’s not busy running her boys around, she enjoys going out for an adventure and finding a new restaurant or winery to try new meals and drinks.

Laura Kasimger

Meet Laura Kasinger

Laura Kasinger joined Hidden Valley Designs in Onalaska, Wisconsin roughly seven years ago. Throughout the years, she ventured into the design industry to lend a hand to people who wanted to give their home interiors a makeover. Together with Nikki, she helped many homeowners in executing their vision flawlessly and creating a living space they can be proud of. Now, Laura also enjoys the selling aspect of house improvements.

Laura lives in West Salem together with her husband, Charles, and their three kids. In her downtime, she loves to fish, solve puzzles, and bake. Each time you’ll meet Laura, expect to see her with a bright smile on her face and a joke in her pocket.